Tension doesn’t have to mean headache

Tension doesn’t have to mean headache

13 Aug 2019

I was describing the way we work with clients the other day to an old client and now friend of mine and he gave me food for thought, describing it as positive tension.

I like this.

Positive tension is a force for good.

Everyone bringing their view to the table, not fearful of conflict but hopeful for it.

The right kind of conflict gets us to better places. If we keep asking why, listening to the niggles and being able to articulate ourselves in an environment free of ridicule and superiority, then the work gets better.

The formula for this is surprisingly simple but requires an open mind and dedication to the cause.

Put simply:

Disciplines that respect each-other’s views + people who enjoy being open + deconditioned thinking = great work.

If you’d like to unleash your mojo with some positive tension, we’d love to help.

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