Deconditioned Thinking

Deconditioned Thinking

23 Jul 2019

What can we possibly learn about audience preference and behaviour from a PowerPoint presentation?

How ground-breaking can an innovation be if it was conceived in a meeting room?

Can we really think differently if we do everything the same way?

Change is not easy when we have been conditioned to think in a certain way or have only experienced things through a certain pattern of behaviour.

That combined with a society craving instant gratification spills urgency into business, so we feel duty bound to plough a deeper furrow the same way as yesterday, for fear that any deviation will delay and therefore reduce sales.

And yet with just a small investment in time truly away from the day-to-day, embracing a little chaos could bring the creativity which can short-cut consumer impatience with delight.

Deconditioned thinking forces us to be removed from our own viewpoint.  Unique immersive experiences help us explore challenges from new perspectives, maximising the opportunity to unearth insight and creating ideas that come from a place of truth, unfiltered.

We ‘decondition’ our thinkers, just for a short while, tailoring our tools and techniques to the needs of each client ensuring the experience is a good fit with their business/stakeholders.

This results in high-energy and fun idea generation that leads to the most relevant and impactful initiatives to help you live and breathe your brand.

If this sounds exciting and a bit scary (it should!) then come and bend our ear.

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