Spinview is an immersive technology company that helps organisations realise data driven insights into environments, systems and behaviours.  This enables them to protect the future of their workforce, infrastructure and bottom line.

the challenge

It wasn’t always this clear and simple to explain what they have to offer, so when Spinview approached us they were hoping we could help them create meaning behind their tech capabilities.

The crucial challenge was how they would talk about what they do in terms as simple as the user experience of their platform.  Whilst their target client’s project leads would be well versed in the language of digital twins and insight, the key C-suite decision makers were less likely to have the same depth of knowledge nor P&L allowance ready and waiting.  Given how new this technology is, it would also be likely that even those with the desire to make use of a digital twin, would have their expectations limited by the current understanding of what they can do.

the plan

With unprecedented access we were able to work quickly with Spinview to establish their purpose.  The discovery that everything they do for their clients is centred on helping them protect their assets for the future allowed us to begin to bring meaning to their platform and the impact of their work.  To elevate the conversation above VR buzzwords to real, practical and exciting support.

We helped them unearth their full authentic story, sharing with the team throughout the process to bring everyone together and help them identify as bringing the future to their clients to enable them to take insightful action.

the results

This work has put Spinview’s purpose front and centre.  It has unified an international team with a renewed sense of energy and direction and, now that it is written we are working with Spinview on how they can tell their story to current and prospective clients.  Initial client feedback is relief and excitement that they now have persuasive and engaging tools to take to their board so our journey to creating meaningful connections has begun.

We continue to help Spinview create powerful, engaging communications to bring new clients to the platform and will be excited to share the outputs of these in the coming weeks.

We are delighted with the work The Listening People continue to do with us.  They really took the time to understand us and we are already amazed at what they’ve been able to help us achieve.  We are very excited to see the results of putting our Purpose at the heart of our brand.

Linda Wade, Spinview

examples of our work

We are pleased to share this simple infographic created for Spinview to give those unfamiliar with their platform clarity on how their technology can transform business insight, and a report commissioned to showcase the increasing power and application of Immersive Technology.