Specialising in organisational growth and innovation, PurpleBeach helps clients remove the fear of failure by building courage and a thirst for experimentation. This approach enables their clients to respond to immediate challenges whilst building the skills to be self-sufficient for the future. With such value being grown within their organisation, it’s no surprise that clients feel transformed by the work they do with PurpleBeach.

the challenge

Even with an NPS score of 98%, the complexity, individual and often confidential nature of the work PurpleBeach does meant clients were finding it difficult to know how to recommend them.

PurpleBeach asked us to clarify and articulate their work into a compelling proposition, giving their clients the words and confidence to refer them for new opportunities.

the plan

We interviewed key clients and stakeholders in the business, exploring themes around PurpleBeach’s work, its legacy and what it feels like to work with them.  We gained a comprehensive understanding of why PurpleBeach exists and what makes them a compelling client partner.

This allowed us to distil their value into a compelling proposition.

Initially focusing on the articulation of their purpose, we created a brand model and elevator pitch to clarify the nature and highlight the effectiveness of the work they do.   We continue to enjoy working with them on bringing that to life through their communications.

the results

This outcome went beyond the initial objective of clarity, prompting a new business strategy for PurpleBeach and breathing new life into the brand.  We are delighted to have since been invited into their new consulting team and introduced to some of their clients.

I’ve worked in comms for years and the work The Listening People have done is one of the best examples of a clear value proposition that I’ve seen.

Olivia Gribaudo, PurpleBeach

I felt Helen and Caroline really understood us and the challenges we were facing.  As a result of their work, we now have an exciting proposition to bring meaning to all our communications.

Annemie Ress, PurpleBeach

examples of our work

Listening to Annemie and Olivia enabled us to distil their varied and personalised offering into a clear proposition to enable their very happy clients to feel confident in recommending them. Here’s some of the work we created together: