Creating digital campaigns for market disruptor DAIMANI, as they seek to revolutionise the hospitality industry with its first independent digital marketplace.

A new entrant to the VIP hospitality market, DAIMANI sought to bring a digital purchase experience to a market dominated by off-line agencies and resellers. Bringing together the expertise of 5 founders, each having spent many years in various industry roles, they saw that the world of hospitality lagged behind many other industries with its old fashioned and outdated practices.

They asked us to help them bring to life the difference a digital marketplace can make to those wishing to book hospitality to enjoy along with their event, bringing a disruptive presence to an industry ripe for revolution.

The challenge:

The initial challenge was to resist the urge to focus on the events, instead seeking to unearth insights into the purchasing experience.  

Subsequently we would need to make this more targeted message around ease of booking resonate with a campaign just as exciting as if advertising the events themselves.

Finally, we would go on to execute work for many markets across many sectors, audiences and events.  As such we would need campaigns that would transcend language, event and occasion, creating centric messages to drive conversion.

The plan:

Listening is at the heart of our methodology – first we clarified two dominant and two emerging target audiences, gaining insights from each in a qualitative interview phase before putting together a brand story to connect with everyone excited by hospitality, but frustrated with the current analogue purchase process.

Through this knowledge we developed a universal strategic idea – that the digital revolution has finally come to hospitality.  We went on to share a number of creative campaign ideas to bring this thought to life, presenting executions in digital display and event interactivity to enable the DAIMANI team to see both the idea and its application – and a champion was quickly crowned as our lead idea.

The outcome:

Given the unprecedented impact of Coronavirus all events were placed on hold in 2020 but the team at DAIMANI were so excited about the campaign they asked us to press ahead, creating campaigns to be ready for the 2021 event calendar.  We developed executions for the Spengler Cup, Chio Aachen and Premier League and these went live in October 2020, along with self-populating banners to serve timely content with appropriate calls to action as the advertised events draw closer.

Our latest work delivered a tactical campaign for Black Friday which we produced in 7 languages.   We look forward to updating this case study with the performance of our work once event bookings reopen.


After the first weeks of cooperation, it became very clear that “The Listening People” really listen to us and our customers. They have understood our challenges and advised us on matters that we didn’t even know we didn’t know.

Max Mueller, Global CEO, DAIMANI

Their creativity and capacity to think outside of the box brought many new ideas/thoughts to us.

As a marketeer it is great to work with a team who has the ability to fully understand our business challenges but transform them into an inspiring, meaningful and engaging brand communication.

With their creativity and expertise, The Listening People helped us to build up our brand identity, bringing the uniqueness of DAIMANI, its products and services to our marketing communication.

Martina Ciardo, Marketing and Loyalty Director, DAIMANI