The Listening People launch

The Listening People launch

01 Jul 2019

Hello, hello.

We are The Listening People and we help organisations unleash their mojo by building brands from the inside out.

Why did we call ourselves The Listening People?  Because we wonder whether in the industry’s race to prove itself we have lost our ability to listen to our clients in the way they want us to.

Clients want to be heard.  But they also want guidance, else they wouldn’t ask us to listen.

Do we work hard enough to listen, or are we just hoping for what we want to hear so we can show that brilliant idea we’ve half written already.

Do we ask the right questions to get a deeper understanding of what the business needs or do we feel the pressure to deliver on time and in budget so greatly that we commence work on less than solid foundations?

Do we give enough thought to why we’re helping our clients, and how we will deliver tangible results or have we forgotten to focus on the impact of our work.

As Steven Covey said: Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.

We’re still learning, but we believe that in truly listening to our clients, we can help them unleash their mojo, making everyone proud to know them.

Talk to us.  We love to listen.

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